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So what does a competent fire door inspector do?


Well, apart from the obvious (checking the fire door and frame) the inspector is primarily looking to understand the following…

Is the whole assembly prepared and fitted to the supporting wall construction properly and in accordance with current requirements?

Does the, frame, architrave, glazing system, sealing system and any hardware items fitted to the door fall under the scope of the fire door test certificate?

In the event of fire, will this fire door system perform as intended and as originally tested?

For a competent fire door inspector to make an informed judgement on the system performance, they must possess full and detailed of knowledge of all possible compatible components and their associated performance standards as shown in the diagram above.


There's a lot more to a fire door system than just the door leaf, frame, self -closing device and three hinges.  Each 'tested' component plays a vital role and conforms to its own set of performance characteristics, all of which play a vital role in the overall system design and function.


If any component is found to be incompatible, not fit-for-purpose, installed incorrectly or detrimental to the fire and smoke control performance of the overall system, the competent fire door inspector will detail this in his or her report with corrective action.

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