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We provide a range of fire door consultancy and specification services in the UK.


The key to attaining fire door lifecycle compliance starts with correct specification and procurement of fit-for-purpose products.

Specification - FD have vast experience of fire door and ironmongery products and their associated performance standards. We can produce fire door specifications and detailed door by door ironmongery schedules for inclusion in tender documentation.

Procurement - Our knowledge of fire door and ironmongery supply chains allow us to offer impartial recommendation on how to appoint appropriate suppliers, source fit-for-purpose tested products and achieve best value.

Advice - We provide best practice guidance on a range of relevant subjects including; regulatory responsibility , fire test standards, British Standard codes of practice, 3rd party certification schemes for installation, maintenance, fabrication & inspection. Where required, we can introduce industry experts to help you make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.

Correctly specified doors and ironmongery greatly increase service life and can reduce on-going maintenance cost.

Specifying tested, compatible hardware ensures replacements components are always like for like, thus ensuring fire door test evidence and any 3rd party certification is maintained.

If you need an experienced fire door consultant, need advice for specification or fire door procurement please get in touch.

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