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New Fire Door Inspections

IVV from FD Fire Door

Independent Verification & Validation of newly installed Fire-Resistant Door Systems with Digital Proof of Compliance.


What is IVV from FD Fire Door?
Independent Verification & Validation (IVV) from FD Fire Door is a process of test-data assessment combined with on-site inspection to provide independent assurance that newly installed fire-resistant door systems are appropriate, installed correctly and fit-for-purpose (Fully Compliant) at, or before handover stage.


All evidence recorded is reported by our inspector to the FD on-line compliance dashboard against the relevant door number.


FD Fire Door do not install or maintain fire doors – we act purely as the independent assessor with no connections to the supply chain to provide an impartial service.

As well as inspection of new fire doors we offer fire door training and inspection of existing fire doors.  We work across the UK delivering fire door inspections in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Why offer this service?

Correctly assembled and installed fire door systems with appropriate tested components and materials are critical to the preservation of life and buildings. Yet many facilities are taking responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of fire doors that were never fit-for-purpose in the first place.

Despite an increased awareness in the UK around fi re door safety, an alarming number of newly installed fi re doors fail ongoing inspections.

Reasons for failure can be minor such as incorrect or missing signage, or more sinister such as inappropriate and missing fi re stopping, or fabrication deviations beyond the scope of tested evidence.

IVV from FD Fire Door is designed to provide independent assurance to all parties that the door system and its components are validated with appropriate fi retest evidence, and the installation has been independently verified by a third-party before handover can be achieved.


How do we do this?

IVV is a multi -stage process combing off -site desk assessment and on-site inspections. All evidence of performance, specifications, and inspection reports are recorded on-line by FD Inspectors within our web-based compliance dashboard.


Test evidence and any certification are reviewed by FD Fire Door Inspectors alongside the data of all components to ensure compatibility.


On-site Inspections are made in a staged approach to ensure that doors, hardware, glazing, and seals are as per the specifications provided and that the installation is carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and test evidence or to a recognised British Standard Code of Practice.


When doors pass final inspection, they are set to compliant status in the web-based compliance dashboard where clients can access the data and view photographic evidence against each door number.


Who is this service for?

Any organisation that wants independent third-party assurance that newly installed fire doors are appropriate, installed correctly and operating effectively (Fully Compliant) at, or before handover stage - Typically, multi -site estates with on-going capital works in the Health, Education, Housing and Commercial market sectors.


Main Contractors will use this service to provide independent third-party assurance to their clients.


The FD IVV creates a clear date and time where the accountability for fire door safety passes from contractor to client.


What are the benefits?

Assurance that fire doors are compliant and effective at handover.

On-line access to fire test evidence, certification, and O&M’s.

On-line asset register.

Regulatory compliance.

Peace of mind.


FD Fire Door are Certified by a UKAS Accredited Certification Body to provide Fire Door Inspection Services.

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