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FD Fire Door Van

Existing Fire Door Inspection


Our existing fire door inspection service is a detailed visual or invasive existing fire door inspection on the serviceable condition of your fire-resisting and final exit doors. On completion of the inspection a comprehensive report is provided using our state of the art fire door reporting software that lists any remedial action needed.

Competent - FD Fire Door have a team of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable inspectors who have inspected thousands of existing fire doors.


National - FD Inspectors are available across the country, available to cover any facility size or location.


Independent - FD do not carry out remedial action or supply and install fire doors. Our inspections are impartial and unbiased – you can be sure that your doors are inspected to determine whether the doorset still complies with the manufacturer’s specifications, test evidence or an appropriate industry recognised code of practice.


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Comprehensive - Our inspection criteria is unique to FD inspectors and covers all known door configurations, ironmongery and hardware permutations to ensure that every door and item fitted to your door is fully checked and assessed for suitability.


Risk Assessed - Doors inspected and reported by FD inspectors identify areas where there is a risk that the fire resistant properties of the doorset have not been maintained. Risk is displayed as a ‘risk score’. This allows you to prioritise remedial activity to higher risk doors first and where it is needed most.


On-line - All inspections are reported in real-time within the FD digital asset management system dashboard where you can view a simple compliance overview or detailed door by door reports.

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